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Main Benefits Under California Workers’ Compensation Law

This article is written for those seeking general information about the main benefits under California Workers’ Compensation law. The following is a general overview of the money and medical benefits one may be entitled to when they are injured at work in California. Note that whether a particular benefit is available and in what amount is highly dependent on the individual claimant’s circumstances. Therefore, nothing written here should be construed as formal legal advice provided to a layperson seeking benefits. Rather, the info provided in this article should be used for those interested in understanding the law in general in conjunction with legal advice obtained from a practicing workers’ compensation attorney in California. With that said, the main benefits of a workers’ compensation claim are as follows.

Temporary Disability Indemnity Benefit

The temporary disability indemnity benefit is a form of temporary wage replacement. Temporary disability, or just TD for short, is provided to workers’ who have been hurt on the job and are temporarily unable to perform their usual and customary duties and where their employer cannot provided accommodation for the temporary disability via modified work. When an injured worker is said to have temporary total disability, or just TTD for short, The benefit is available for up to 104 weeks of disability within the first 5 year period following the initial accident. The amount paid is calculated from the employee’s current earnings on the date of the accident causing the TD or from the date that occupational hazard first causes TD in the case of cumulative trauma type claims (repetitive work activity injuries). As of 2015,

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