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How to Pay for Medical Attention After a Car Accident

Pay for Medical Bills Auto Accident Injury

Paying for Medical Attention after Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

Knowing how to pay for medical attention after a car accident injury can benefit you greatly going forward. Car accidents often cause bodily harm to those involved. The injury victim must attend to their injuries. To do so, they are forced to seek attention by doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists. How to pay for medical attention after a car accident quickly becomes a pressing issue. While private or public health carrier is often present to cover physician bills, it is not always available to the patient. Even where it is available, high deductibles and co-pays can make it infeasible to pursue the proper course of treatment. And those who lack coverage are left without any option to pay for needed doctor treatment and diagnostics. Fortunately, where the collision is caused by the fault of another person or entity, an auto collision lawyer can help. The auto accident attorney can locate providers who will hold off collecting bills until the end of the lawsuit. To find out how to cover doctors bills following a truck, bus or other motor vehicle collision, contact us. He is a personal injury lawyer who knows how to pay for medical attention after a car accident and doctors who can treat patients with no money up front.

Doctors Treating on a Lien Basis for Injuries

how to pay for medical attention after a car accident

how to pay for medical attention after a car accident

Many doctors treat the victims of automobile accidents on a lien basis. This means that they bill the plaintiff and put a claim on the proceeds of the patient’s lawsuit. When the patient recovers money as a result of the tort case, the physician is paid their invoices from the providers understand the risks involved in providing care and will forgive bills or reduce them where there is not enough money at the end of the claim to reimburse providers. This arrangement is therefore highly desirable to anyone hurt as a result of a motor vehicle collision. Contact a lawyer in Upland, San Dimas, Covina, Glendora, La Verne, Pomona, Diamond Bar, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Ontario, Walnut, Azusa, West Covina for guidance on how to go about finding a doctor. If you are in or around any of these cities, we are a local law firm here to provide free phone and in-person consultation to those who call us at 844-584-8444.

Always Pay for Accident Injury with Settlement Money

Where medical attention is obtained on a lien basis, physicians and facilities are paid from settlement proceeds. This arrangement is desirable where no plan is available to cover the expenses of the victim. It is also desirable where the client has a high deductible health plan and cannot meet that deductible. Even where good insurance exists, the innocent party should still consider utilizing lien based treatment options. Why? Because these facilities request the full cash price to the patient prior to settlement. Insurance negotiates bills prior to the conclusion of litigation. This means that the defendant to the case gains the benefit of the reduction costs negotiated by their plaintiff’s health plan. When care is obtained in this manner, the full cash price is billed to the patient and passed to the insurance carrier. Then, following settlement, the invoices are reduced through the attorneys’ negotiation with providers. This not only passes the savings to the client, but it also increases the potential pain and suffering award.

Pain and suffering based on Medical Expenses

Pain and suffering, or general damages, are usually calculated as a multiplier of the health care expenses. This is yet another reason to procure treatment on such a basis. Where cash amounts are billed and not negotiated until after closure of the case, pain and suffering recovery is bolstered. Where a health plan cuts invoices down prior to settlement, a general damages multiplier is calculated based upon a much smaller amount of medical specials (physician and facility costs).

Invoking Medpay Coverage to Meet Deductibles

In certain circumstances, obtaining lien-based care is not an option. This happens in severe/catastrophic type situations. In such situations, the victim is transported to a hospital via ambulance and may incur significant costs. Where no insurance is owed, the plaintiff will likely end up filing for bankruptcy unless they have significant assets to meet the price of the hospital. Where a private plan exists, a high deductible sometimes must be met first. Many of those who have auto carriers opt to purchase med-pay under their own policy. This coverage can be invoked to meet a deductible or to reimburse emergency transport to a hospital. A motor vehicle crash lawyer can help clients determine whether it was purchased and available. The roadway injury attorney will also help the client invoke the coverage appropriately to guard against later debt collections.

Understanding How to Pay for Medical Attention After a Car Accident

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Pay Doctor Bills Following Accident Injury

Pay Doctor Bills Following Accident Injury

The best car accident lawyers do not just litigate a case in a court of law. The best auto collision attorneys also aid their client in finding ways to reimburse for the cost of necessary attention and diagnostics. If you have been hurt on the roadways by a bus, truck or other automobiles, seek attorney advise immediately. California Injury Lawyer represents victims of all types. Big or small. Rear end collisions. Sideswipes. Pileups. T-bones. Any highway crashes that cause severe or minor injuries have a right to seek representation and treatment. Call his law firm today to see if we can successfully represent you just like he has helped thousands of other victims obtain medical care and achieve justice within the legal system. Do not delay! Time is of the essence and it is necessary to get needed guidance on how to pay for medical attention after a car accident. Contact us as soon as possible! We serve Los Angeles County, San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, Orange County and Riverside County areas of Southern California!

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